Comics 2019


BEA, HAUNTED is a full length graphic novel written by Joey Donaldson and illustrated by myself. Successfully funded November 2018 via Kickstarter, it is currently under production and set to be released Late 2019.

Autobiographical Comic Strips

Simple observations on daily life. Produced for Instagram late 2018 - early 2019


4-page guest spot on serialized webcomic “Warm Blood”. Published July 2019.

Written by Josh Tierney, and illustrated by myself.

TSHIRT turmoil

T-shirt Turmoil is a 3 page fan comic based on Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Produced for the Sugar & Spice Bubbline Zine project.

Written and illustrated by myself.


Cafe Creep is a 9 page slice-of-life comic developed for publication in The Witching Hours witch-themed comics anthology, successfully funded via Kickstarter.

Written and illustrated by me.

Coming to print Spring 2019.

Ice Massacre

Colourist for webcomic Ice Massacre. Ongoing project.

Lines by April Pierce, written by Tiana Warner. Based on the 2014 young adult fiction novel.