4 EASY Mason-Jar Make Ahead Meals!

Hey everyone! I've compiled my recipe illustrations here for you. Recipe and food art has been something I have been meaning to develop in my work, so I took the oppourtunity to create these in tandem with my food prep video this week!

My approach to recipes is to always remain flexible, so feel free to tailor these to your specifics needs. I have IBS and avoid a large number of foods as a result! Most of these are low-fodmap and gluten free for that reason. I also compile gluten-free inspiration and recipes on my Pinterest account!

Without further ado, please enjoy these illustrations.

Miso paste is a wonderful base for all kinds of dishes, including this instant miso noodle soup. The key to food prep is overlapping ingredients to save you money and time!

Rice noodles are such an easy, low calorie, gluten free option when it comes to starch in your meals. Once you integrate it into your routine, you won't be going back!

Breakfast can be a challenge when you are on the go. Prep this mix, serve into a bowl, microwave for a minute and you have a fresh, filling breakfast guaranteed to make your coworkers jealous :)

Fresh shrimp is an expensive ingredient, so feel free to substitue for frozen, cocktail shrimps, or baby shrimps. With enough delicious seasoning, you won't be disappointed!

Please leave me a comment with YOUR favourite mason jar meals, or let me know if you have any questions about what you see here. All the best,


1-year Freelance-iversary!!

Hey guys! I’d like to thank you for making it to my blog, to my webpage, to my little slice of the internet - let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your stay a little more comfortable. People know me as Tuna, I’m 23 years old, and I do art for a living.


As of this September, I have now been a full time freelance illustrator for over a year. Wow! I’ve covered a lot of ground in that time - written and illustrated a few comics, worked on a VR videogame, sold prints at conventions and fairs across the city, took a short-term in-house contract at an advertising agency… not to mention dozens of bizarre one-off projects and personal commissions.

I have always advertised myself as a focused character artist and cartoonist, so none of these artistic adventures were ones I expected to take. But throughout my 6 years of freelancing, I have always maintained a clear philosophy: to seize every oppourtunity to work in an artistic field.


I developed this rule around the time I was graduating high school. After years of doodles and denial, I was facing the fact that no other career path would suit me. I was going to have to buckle down, find a way to make my art work. There was no goal, however, to land any certain position or job. I was not looking to become an animator at Disney. I didn’t want my paintings to hang in galleries and classy office buildings. My goal was simply to make a living doing art full time: whatever that might end up looking like.

While working days in the service industry, I pushed a LOT of digital pavement to side-hustle creative work. I went on Craigslist daily, week after week, sending applications to every listing in creative gigs and art/media/design jobs that I felt at least sort-of qualified for. While most of those emails were nothing but a waste of bytes, some lucky ones would trickle through and provide a reply, or better yet, a work offer. And, as long as the pay was worth my time, I said yes to all of them. I learned quickly that paying work was hard to come by, and when a fish snagged my line, I couldn’t afford to let it get away.



After 5 years of part time and over a year full time, I’ve made it here. I’m making a living - albeit, not a great one - by forking out my artistic skills to pay the rent. Connections I have made are starting to pay off, and work is finding it’s way to my inbox (every time I can’t help but wonder who sent them. I’m just so curious!). I don’t have to send out as many application emails as I used to, though I do still find myself trolling my old stomping grounds for a fun gig here or there.

But now, even in this first degree of comfort, I’m finding that old habits die hard. Whenever a potential client appears, I still feel that desperate urge to reel them in as quickly as possible lest I go hungry that night. While the risk is (mostly) gone, the instinct remains: never say no to a job offer. As a result, my plate is always very, very full.


As my plate fills, I run out of time forother things in my life. Since I can’t stop sleeping and already socialize infrequently, the biggest hit is always the time I spend pursuing personal creative endeavours. I use up all my creative energy working for others, and this has led to a malaise of my soul. While I am proud I have attained my goal to make a living doing art full time, I have come out the other side wanting more. Making a living doing someone else’s art doesn’t suit me as well as I thought it might.

So with the start of this blog, I am pushing for more. Prioritizing personal work and learning to say “NO” when I just don’t have the room for more on my plate. Beginning to actualize a world where my personal work can be a part of my income. Finding balance to build a lasting business model and continue to grow as an artist. I’ve learned so much over the baby years of my artistic career, and I am ready to apply my knowledge to make the second year of my full time freelance career look a little more refined, and a little more “me”.

I hope some of you will enjoy it with me.

Until next time,