Comics 2014-2015


Amplify Her

Commissioned for the Amplify Her Motion Comic. Written and illustrated by myself, and adapted into a motion comic by Elaine Chen.

Completed in 2015, Set for release 2017.

Find out more about the project at!

The Builder

Written and laid out by Joey Donaldson, The Builder is a one-shot 8 page comic in the "Find the Sky" extended comic universe.

Illustration and lettering by myself.

Published May 2015, available for free online at!

Cafe Creep

One shot experimental comic. Written and illustrated by myself.

To be adapted into a longer-form project.

Published May 2015, no longer in distribution.

Butterpaws in Cattylan

Webcomic written and illustrated by myself. Ran for 20 pages.

Featured simple animations, released 2014-2015. No longer available online.