Comics 2016-2017


Written by Joey Donaldson

Good Spirits is a 95 page low-fantasy graphic novel, successfully funded via Kickstarter in November of 2016 with 233 backers.

Good Spirits follows the tale of Prost, barback at the prestigious Jade Mug Tavern. Prost struggles with finding confidence in his work, and he faces magic and mayhem while overcoming his demons.

It was released May 2017 at TCAF 2017. It can be purchased in hard copy online here.



In collaboration with Jordan Mowat

Spacecase is a science fiction, all-ages adventure 18-page short. It was conceived as a pilot issue for an ongoing series, in development and set to be released May 2018.

Tuna and Yo are intergalactic vagabonds, scraping by on odd jobs and dreaming of more. A spacesuit and a fateful stranger turn their lives turn upside down, catapulting them into space hijinks and a search for snacks!

Published May 2016 to a limited print run. Available for free online here: