A photo from my brief stint at art school

A photo from my brief stint at art school

Did you go to school for art?

I attended and dropped out of art school twice! It just didn’t suit my needs at the time and it was more important to focus on my career. I think art school is a great option for those who are not self motivated, or have not made connections. The schools I went to were not very focused on teaching technique, but maybe others would be.

How did you become a full time illustrator?

I’ve been doing personal commissions since I was in my late teens. After high school, I started out taking larger projects that I found through friends, family, and craigslist, all while attending comic conventions and selling prints and merch of my work. This was my side hustle while I worked full time managing a cafe.

Eventually, I managed to find work in huge range of projects in many styles and with many clients, some of whom found me through my appearances at comic events or through colleagues and recommendations. Over the last few years I’ve been moving towards building my own brand and supporting myself through my personal work as well as contract. As of 2019, I’ve been freelancing full time for about 4 years. Currently my income is spread between freelance work, merch sales, and Patreon, but that is always changing!

I listened to a lot of business podcasts and watched many illustrator videos around the time I was starting my career and it really helped me envision what I wanted from my business and how to shape it into that! Doing research and creating a business model is just as important as drawing itself.

Current business card design

One of my enamel pin designs

Where do you make your pins/stickers/etc?

I keep an eye on suppliers that people I follow mention, or brands that have presence on social media. I tend to try out different suppliers often, sticker companies include Sticker Mule and Awesome Merchandise, while I source manufacturers in China for my enamel pins. You can find manufacturers for ALL kinds of things by searching Alibaba, and chinese manufacturers tend to reach out to people who use tags like #enamelpin!

What inspires you?

I’m pretty much inspired by everything. I love fashion and fashion trends, spooky stuff, vaporwave/synthwave colours and patterns, nature and exploring the outdoors, and colours! I’m super inspired by art in general and expose myself to as much variation as possible.

Referenced fashion illustration

Expand to see my brush settings

What programs & brushes do you use?

Cintiq22HD / Painttool SAI - painting and illustration / Photoshop CC2015 (subscription) - layout and text

iPad 2018 9.5”/ Apple Pencil / Procreate

What traditional tools do you use?


  • Pentel Hybrid Technica (primary inking pen)

  • Pilot G-TEC C4 (primary inking pen)

  • Sakura Pigma/Prismacolour fineliners

  • Various Daiso calligraphy pens

  • Posca Paint pens

  • Copic markers


  • Moleskine Sketchbook

  • Canson XL Watercolour paper

  • Strathmore Mixed Media Vellum Surface paper

  • Strathmore Marker paper

  • Arches Hot Press Watercolour paper

  • Arches Cold Press Watercolour paper


  • Holbein Acrylagouache

  • Turner Acrylgouache

  • Turner Artist Watercolour

  • QOR Watercolour

  • Pwc Watercolour

  • Winsor & Newton watercolor

  • Winsor & Newton India Ink


  • Mimik Kolinsky short handle brushes

  • Creative Mark PolarFlo watercolor brushes

  • Opus Allegro brushes

  • Winsor & Newton Sable


  • Prismacolour Premier

  • Cezanne Professional

  • Pilot Color Eno in .07 pink

  • Prismacolour Col-erase

Can I repost your work?

You may repost my work anywhere as long as it is clearly attributed to me. This includes but is not limited to use as profile picture/header picture, to fan blogs, personal accounts, or otherwise.

Can I copy/trace your work?

If you copy/trace my work, please consider not sharing it online. Tracing is OK to help learn how to make art, but it’s not appropriate to share, even with credit.

Can I make fanart of your work?

Yep feel free to draw my characters or take inspiration from my work! Tagging me to show me is also no problem!


One of my personal tattoos by  Nic ter Horst

One of my personal tattoos by Nic ter Horst

Can I get your work as a tattoo?

You are welcome to get a tattoo of any design that is not explicitly created for a commissioner or client.

However, as I created the design, it would be appreciated if you would tip for the work and usage. You can send the tip to my ko-fi with a note (please include a photo of the tattoo!) The customary tip is $50USD or 25% of the cost of service for the tattoo.